The softest baby clothes in Berkeley & Oakland, CA!



At Bird & Bean, when it comes to baby clothes, our goal is to curate the highest quality and most stylish collection of baby clothes in Berkeley and Oakland, CA.  We know that they have to be swoon-worthy, comfortable enough for sleep and play, and practical, too. 

As a mother of two kids and more than a decade as a children's clothing designer, I have come to know what kids (and their grown ups) want and have a bit of experience with what works and what doesn't . Soft. Cozy. High Quality. Stylish. Practical. Bird & Bean's apparel collection is more than just our favorite baby clothes; it is a collection of clothing that we dress our own kids in and have passed all of our tests. It is a collection that we at Bird & Bean are proud to pass on to you and your littles and we hope that you love what we have chosen!


Rompers are a baby essential! Your baby will live in these during those first few months (and beyond!)  Bird & Bean carries rompers that have snap closure, magnetic closure,  and zip-up (our favorite!) Come in and check out our collection of rompers, including this organic cotton and bamboo Nohi Kids zip-up romper. Perfect for quick changes, soft and cozy enough for sleep and stylish enough to wear all day. 


Coveralls like this adorable black swan print by Winter Water Factory are another baby wardrobe staple! Snaps in the crotch for fast diaper changes and the softest organic cotton, plus made in the USA. Come in to see our ever-changing selection of adorable baby and toddler coveralls.


Bodysuits (also called Onesies® or one-pieces), like this Milkbarn bodysuit with purple and white hedgehog print, are another must-have all-purpose item for your littles. Bodysuits snap at the crotch, for easy changes and usually have what is called a "lap neck" for easy on and off over the head. Pair these cute bodysuits with a pair of pants and your baby is ready for a day of play. You can also use a bodysuit as an under layer for the colder months. Any way you use them, you will use a lot of them, so stock up on the bodysuits!

Layette Gowns

Layette gowns are another newborn essential. Our favorites, like this cloud print layette gown and hat set by Nohi Kids, has a lap neck for easy on/off and elastic at the bottom. These are made for the first months when you're changing your baby 80 times a day (mostly in a sleep-deprived state). Just lift up, change, pull down. Check. Perfect for an under-layer under a swaddle, too. This is a perfect choice for a baby shower gift!